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Created in response to the rising tide of hostile, defensively semi-literate chimps infesting LJ, Literate Freaks is for people who can express themselves clearly and in a recognizable language. Yes, even Esperanto, as long as the post conforms to the structure of the poster's chosen language.

Any topic is acceptable. Cuts are left up to the writer's discretion. The only requirement is that your post be well-written. Unlike other comms, grammar and spelling flames are welcome and encouraged here.

Membership requirements: when you join, a notice will be sent to the admins, scarybaldguy and m_fallenangel. Please have at least three public entries in your own LJ. The admins will evaluate your writing skills based on these entries. Both admins have professional writing experience and make Simon Cowell look like a pretty nice guy. l33t-speak, except when used ironically, is an instant disqualifier.

Returning for the moment to the bit about acceptable topics: literally anything goes here. Therefore, you must be over 18 years of age to join, or personally known to the admins as a responsible person.

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