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Review of Digging Up Corpses by J. Grant - Literate Freaks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Review of Digging Up Corpses by J. Grant [Oct. 26th, 2007|11:16 am]
Literate Freaks
This review, much like the book, will be brief, because I don't want anyone wasting time reading this when they should bloody well be ordering Digging Up Corpses.

Lucky 13, 13 shorts that I can guarantee will make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even turn you on a little, depending on how much of a weirdo you are.

Grant continues his tradition of brutal prose and graphic images that burrow into your brain and stay there, kicking back in your memory cells and cracking open a beer. And no, they don't use coasters.

It was a real treat to read Blues Jam again after all these years, especially in print format. It remains one of Grant's best, and one of my favorites.

The only story I didn't like, was, ironically, the same one the author himself notes he doesn't like to read. Not because it's a bad story, or badly written, far from it. Simply because it takes me to a place that is so damned dark and uncomfortable that after reading it I wanted a hug.

I'm rating this 5 stars because there's no 4.5 option (minus .5 for brevity) and it deserves better than a 4. Highly recommended.